Join my Team

Being a Paparazzi Consultant is more than just selling $5 jewelry. The mission is to provide fabulous jewelry that will not change the world, but believing that the person wearing the jewelry has the capacity to change the world. I want to help strengthen and empower others to provide income, whether it is part-time or "all in". Male or female customers can become a consultant. It is up to each us all to make that decision individually of how we want to work the business. I am here to help get you started and running in whatever direction you want to take this opportunity.

Once you make the decision to join, you will receive information on how to get into the "back office:. There you will find policies and procedures from the corporate office that have tons of information. You will have access to social media templates to get things started. And last but not least, the back office will be open for you to start getting inventory and getting everything ready whether it is for your 1st home party or getting behind the camera and going live. 


Have question feel free to contact me through email at